Products for CD storage

Hama CD Box - ST-60 - Media Storage

The Hama CD box is made out of beech and has a height of 26.5 centimetres and a width of 54.5 centimetres. This product for CD storage has a spring mechanism and holds up to 60 CDs, including 4 double CDs. A CD will be released from the box by pressing the relevant CD. The Hama CD box can also be mounted to a wall.

£15.49 (incl. VAT) Crescent Electronics - cresentelectronics.co.uk £13.96 Amazon.co.uk

Fellowes CD Spring - Storage CD Cabinet

The Fellowes CD spring cabinet holds up to 30 CDs, but has room for another 18 CDs via slits on top of the cabinet, when placed vertically. The slots in the cabinet are spring loaded, and the cabinet is flexible, as it has the capability to hold CDs horizontally and vertically. The colour of this product for CD storage is platinum grey, and it has a width of 265 millimetres, a depth of 165 millimetres, and a width of 260 millimetres.

£17.15 (incl. VAT) Crescent Electronics - cresentelectronics.co.uk £18.43 Amazon.co.uk Compucessory CD Storage Box One-Touch for 24 Disks

This dark silver storage box holds up to a dozen CDs or DVDs, and has a width of 338 millimetres, a depth of 162 millimetres, and a height of 196 millimetres. This box allows for extra storage, via the stacking of additional units, and it it operated through a push button mechanism. The storage box is made of ABS plastic.

£13.40 (incl. VAT) Crescent Electronics - cresentelectronics.co.uk £21.12 Amazon.co.ukCompucessory CD/DVD Storage Tower 28 CD and 4 DVD Capacity Standard

Another Compucessory unit that can also hold CDs and DVDs. This black storage tower can hold 28 CDs and 4 DVDs. It has a width of 215 millimetres, a depth of 130 millimetres, and a height of 360 millimetres.

£6.42 (incl. VAT) Crescent Electronics - cresentelectronics.co.uk£9.16 Amazon.co.uk

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