Buying a CD printer

There are lots of different options when buying a CD printer, and there are both dedicated CD printers and normal printers that have the added ability of printing to CD's.

The Primera Signature Z1 CD DVD Printer is designed purely to print to CD's and DVD's. It prints directly onto the surface of the disks, with long lasting waterproof ink. It includes label design software allowing you to customise exactly what you want printed onto the disc, and it supports both graphics and text. Priced at £104.70 on amazon.co.uk it's not cheap, but it works well and is small and compact enough to hide away when not in use.

The HP Photosmart Premium All-In-One is a powerful and feature packed printer, and in addition to printing to paper, faxing, copying and scanning it also allows you to print to CD's and DVD's. It currently costs nearly £300, but if you need any of the other features that it provides then it might be worth it, as it is currently one of the best home printers available. It is available to buy from amazon.co.uk and other major retailers.

The Canon PIXMA iP4850 is a mid range printer, priced at £50.99 from pcworldbusiness.co.uk. It doesn't allow you to print directly to CD's, but it does allow you to print to CD labels. So if you're happy with a CD label then this is one of the the cheapest and best options. Beyond that it is also accomplished at printing documents and photos.

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