Wake up to your favourite songs with a CD clock radio

Nothing is more guaranteed to ruin your morning than being woken by the inane banter of one of those relentlessly perky morning DJS. As a gentler alternative, why not programme some of your favourite songs and set the CD function on a CD clock radio?

The Roberts CD Radio Cube lets you wake up to a CD track, radio station or simply the alarm. A headphone socket enables you to listen late at night, and the dual alarm allows you to set separate alarm times for yourself and a partner.  Electrical 123 (electrical123.com) has them at £35.99.

The Pure vl-61273 Chronos CD Series II packs a lot of features into its compact size. A light sensor automatically adjusts display brightness for the night. You can connect an iPod or mp3 player and headphones. Set alarms for weekdays, weekends or one-offs, and set the sleep timer so you can fall asleep listening to music. JMart Digital (jmartdigital.co.uk) has them at £81.10 including free delivery.

The Sony Dream Machine CD Clock Radio isn't the prettiest, but offers an analogue FM/AM radio, a CD player and dual alarm functions. There's a brightness control and an extendable snooze function for those mornings when you just can't seem to stir. Amazon (amazon.co.uk) has them at £34.89.

The Bush CCR7CD is a fairly no-frills CD clock radio that offers a programmable CD function to select the right track for that morning call.  They are just £26.99 from Argos (argos.co.uk).

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