CBBC gets a second life, 3 million get Second Life

Hot gossip over the weekend about CBBC's plans to develop a Second Life style site for the 7-12 year old age group. Users will be able to build an avatar, then create and share content, but the Beeb will be leaving out the financial aspects of other online worlds like Second Life.

Interesting stuff - I noticed this weekend that there are now over 3 million residents in Second Life and, at the time of writing, over $1 million had been spent in the last 24 hours.

WebTwitcher was reading the story on Profy, which I'm loving at the moment for all things web 2.0 and social networking related. It's an interesting read if you're into tech trends and developments, so add the RSS feed to your MIX page to stay on top of the latest news from the sector.


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