CB radio add-ons for mobiles

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin. In the 1980s, probably long before you were born, there was a phenomenon called Citizens’ Band Radio, or “CB”, which used unlicensed radio networks to keep lonely truckers in touch with one another as they roared along the freeways. With its own coded language and built-in open-road cool, it soon spread to include radio hobbyists, people who thought they wanted to be truckers, and Burt Reynolds. 

Now hardcore retro fans can turn their mobile phones into CB handsets, thanks to the Taito Transceiver. The gadget, from the company that brought us gaming classics like Space Invaders and Puzzle Bubble, plugs into your handset’s headphone socket. Now where’s that Smokey and the Bandit video…?

(Image: from Cubwolf’s Flickr stream)

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