Causing Havoc

When the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play was announced, we were slightly sceptical of the idea that there was any need for a smartphone so heavily weighted towards mobile gaming: Android and the iPhone have already made such massive leaps in video game creativity that we weren’t sure that anyone would take a punt on it unless it was also an extremely good smartphone.

However, having watched the video below, we’ve now revised our opinion of the Xperia Play. Why? Because we’ve seen the potential that the Havoc physics engine has, and how well it runs on the phone. It’s also the first Android handset that will use the technology, giving it a clear advantage over other smartphones, and could mean that some serious big titles come to your phone.

We’re tentatively excited about the release of the handheld now, and should we get news of innovative titles being released for it, we’ll upgrade that to ‘tingly’. Imagine Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood on your phone...

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