Cash for Mobile Phones: Price Comparison

Cash for mobile phones price comparison allows you to look at potential quotes for your phone without going to each site individually and creating an account. Although most sites do offer an instant quote feature you'll need to check other details of the site, such as:

  • The payment method they use. Do they use BACs, Paypal or simply send a cheque?
  • Postage. Are you required to box up your own phone or do they send a bag for you? The "jiffy bag" method is normally a slow method of receiving cash and slows down the process considerably.
  • Will they change the price upon receiving the phone upon judging its condition? If so, do they agree to send the phone back free of charge if you don't agree to a new price?
  • How fast will they process the phone? Will you be waiting a week for a cheque?

It's also a good idea to check online reviews from customers to reveal how fast and accurate the service is, or whether there were any issues with the company at all.

Based on an Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB, the mobile phones price comparison shows that the top sites (cash wise and processing time) are:

Mfyp.com - £165 used, £90 broken. Payment by BACs, cheque, Paypal or charity.

ecourmobile.com - £154 used, £180 brand new and boxed, £93 for broken. Payment by BACs and cheque only.

Fonebank.com - £154 used, £80 broken price, free postage but no bag sent. Payments by cheque or Paypal.

Topdollarmobile.com - £150.36 used, £75.56 broken, free postage and bag sent, BACs and cheque for payment methods.

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