Cash Back!

Fancy an iPad 2, but can't quite find the readies? Well, how about an iPad 1?

We know what you're thinking - you'd be crazy to buy a piece of kit that's about to be replaced, right? Well, would £100 help?

That's right, Apple have lopped £100 off the price of the iPad 1 to clear existing stock before the March 11 release of its sequel. That means if you don't need 3G or more than 16GB of storage you can have a brand-new iPad complete with warranty for just £329.

But! What about the poor sods who bought an iPad, say, a week ago? Well, they're in luck two. Anyone who bought one in the last two weeks gets the £100 off, too, as a refund. But, there's a catch! It only applies if you bought one in an actual, genius-filled Apple Store. If you used a 'premium reseller', we're told, no luck. But really, if you're reading this, you probably knew the iPad 2 was on the way, so this problem is unlikely to have affected you...

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