Cars these days!

We remember when the highest-tech item in a car was the removeable plate on the stereo. Nowadays, new cars have full-blown computers in them, with mp3 players, ipod docks and sat-nav right there in the dash.

So what does a car manufacturer do to stand out from the high-tech crowd? How about including a free iPad?

Sounds vaguely odd, doesn't it? I mean, a freebie is always nice, but at first glance it's not clear what benefit users of the new Hyundai Equus are supposed to get from Hyundai's generosity - after all, you can't play Angry Birds while you drive. But it turns out there's method in the Korean manufacturers' mild madness. They've constructed a fancy 'owner's manual' app which uses the iPad to show you all the car's fancy features and play a pointless Hyundai-controlling racing game:

So it's basically a very expensive instruction booklet. Recession, what recession?

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