We check out the best Carphone Warehouse laptop broadband deals

Nowadays it's not enough just to have a netbook or laptop with you at all times, you'll also need to be connected to the internet on the move in order to make the most out of your portable device. In the past this meant relying on expensive mobile broadband hotspots in busy shopping centres or business parks. It certainly wasn't the most convenient solution, but we managed to make do.

Fortunately things have improved quite a bit in recent years, and you can now find some truly excellent deals on Carphone Warehouse laptop broadband packages to ensure that you never miss an important email again.

Packages for mobile broadband start for as little as £15.32 per month from the Carphone Warehouse for O2's excellent mobile broadband service. With this package you'll get a free USB powered wireless broadband dongle capable of connection speeds of up to 3.6Mbps and a traffic allowance of 2GB. Now, while 2GB wouldn't be enough to keep you going for a full month on a regular computer, when you use it while out and about it should be more than sufficient to keep you on top of your email and social network related browsing.

The best deal available though is undoubtedly the excellent Three Mobile Broadband 1GB ready to go kit for £19.99. While it features less monthly allowance than the cheaper O2 model, you'll find that it features a much better service, finding connections in areas that O2 modems simply cannot function. With line speeds of up to 3.6Mbps and the best coverage in the UK it represents the best value for money today.

For more information on these offers and more, check out the Carphone Warehouse website at carphonewarehouse.co.uk today.

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