Car Stereo Speakers: Unique Sound Quality

Car stereo speakers were invented to provide the best sound in a mobile environment. Largely, car speakers work just like any other speakers except for some key components such as non-circular shapes in the cone and multi-axial mounting of distinct loud speakers in the same footprint. These two aspects make speakers adapt as far as shape and size to the car environment.

Car Speakers: Size

Depending on the physical dimensions, car stereo speakers can vary between 3.5 inches (8 cm) and 7 inches (17.73 cm) by 10 inches (23 cm). There are several shapes available for car speakers and they are different from one manufacturer to another. Tweeter speakers are a wide choice in car speakers, as well, and, on demand, other sizes can be delivered.

Car Speakers: Brands

Car audio system manufacturers normally produce their own speakers. There are some exceptions of course. Here are some of the most well-known and appreciated car speaker manufacturers: Pioneer, Alpine, JVC, Sony, Dynaudio, Kenwood, Robin, Audio Engine, Pyramid, and Sony. Other, less known brands offer car speakers at quite reasonable prices and reviews could be a way to check their ratings: Juice, Audio Shock, Altec Lansig, JBL, T1, Lanzar, and Onkyo.

Car Speakers: Features

Speakers are spoken about in terms of certain features such as frequency response, sensitivity, and maximum power RMS. Frequency response refers to the range of frequencies that a speaker can render. Sensitivity is related to the maximum distance the sound will travel and still be heard. According to these features there are multi-element car speakers, mid-bass car speakers, component car speakers and sub woofers. Car stereo speakers need to have high and wide frequency response and high RMS if you are plan to use them on a consistent basis.

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