Features of a Car Stereo Player

The car stereo player is one of the features of a car which is most overlooked when buying a vehicle. Most people pay far more attention to more important factors like fuel efficiency and cost of repairs and maintenance. However, since you are probably going to be spending a fair bit of time in your car, having a decent car stereo player is certainly a nice thing to have.

There are many different types of car stereo player on the market and technology is far ahead of what it was just a few years ago, when many cars still didn’t even have CD players! Today, you can get in-car entertainment systems complete with CD, DVD, TV, MP3 and even more.

When buying a car stereo player, consider what sort of audio formats you are going to be playing with it. If you mostly listen to CDs at home, then a standard CD player unit will be adequate, especially when combined with the convenience of a CD changer system.

For those who have their entire music collections stored on a computer, typically in the MP3 format, a standard CD car stereo player ceases to be as useful. Some higher-end systems support MP3, however, especially as this is, these days, so popular. Purchasing a system which allows you to plug in an iPod or other MP3 player or flash drive containing music is often more suitable. Alternatively, you could get a CD car stereo player which plays MP3s from CDs. This is often ideal as well, especially since a CD can store around ten hours of music in the MP3 format.

One mistake that many people often make is purchasing a high-end car stereo player and rigging it up with a sub-standard speaker system. It is not worth doing this unless you plan to upgrade the speakers as well.

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