Car Stereo Installation: A Smart Idea

Car stereo installation is not difficult as long as you know what you are doing. You can do this yourself or you can go to a specialized company that will do it for you. If you have no idea what this procedure involves, it is better that you communicate to the installation company the type of car stereo you intend to buy before you actually take your car to have the stereo replaced. There are many car radios on the market and the installation for each will be a little bit different.

Installation: The Importance of the Stock Unit

It is useless to install a great car audio system that can support any type of file format if your car’s stock unit does not support it. The stock unit comes with your car and it contains all the necessary connections that allow you to read CDs, listen to radio or read MP3, for example. That is the reason why you need to ask a qualified person about the features of your stock unit. If the current range of choice is not wide enough in your current stock unit, then you can purchase adaptors to enable you to install the desired audio system.

Installation: Damping Material

It is very important that you use damping material such as butyl rubber or rubberised asphalt to get high quality sound. This material should be placed where you intend to install the speakers. If you are not doing the installation yourself, make sure that the company that does is using this type of material. This is especially recommended in the case of older cars which do not have insulated doors.

Installation: Proper Position

In order to have an efficient car system it is recommended that you install your speakers according to their frequency response. That generally means that low frequency sounds should come from the back, middle range frequency sounds should come from the sides and higher sounds should come from the front. The speakers therefore need to be installed in accordance with the frequency of the sound that they can render. Thus, car stereo installation becomes easy and simple as long as it is done properly.

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