Transform your vehicle with a car stereo dvd player!

Whether it's to entertain your passengers, turn your car into a home away from home or simply to add a bit of class to your vehicle, you'll be delighted to know how many there are to mount a car stereo dvd player into your car. Depending on what you want to achieve, there'll bound to be a car stereo dvd player that's right for you.

The first car stereo dvd player that you should have a look at is the Sonichi S7000-DVD/CD player which is available right now at Halfords. This awesome piece of kit is literally a car stereo dvd player, mounting a 3 inch widescreen in place of your car stereo. Although it looks incredible, it's slightly less functional than a some of the other offerings on the market. After all, you're not going to sit down and watch all three hours of The Godfather in three inches! However If you just want something crazy at the front of your car that will blow your friend's minds, then this might be the product now. The Sonichi S7000-DVD/CD is can be found on www.halfords.com and will set you back a sweet £39.99.

If something a tad more practical is on your mind, be sure to take a look at the Nextbase SDV47AM, which is twin screen 7-inch portable DVD player available now at Amazon (www.amazon.co.uk) for £150. The fact that it's twin screen means that it each screen can be mounted separately on the back of your passenger seats and the screens will remain in perfect sync with each other. With two 7 inch screens and the ability to play multiple different file types, the Nextbase SDV47AM is the perfect product for someone looking to install a car stereo dvd player in their vehicle.

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