Car stereo dvd players; the best of both worlds!

A car stereo dvd player is the way to go for anyone thinking of a stereo upgrade. While a stereo is all well and goo just playing music, adding a dvd player and a screen to it elevates everything so much.

A lot of people seem to think that now is the time to get a bluray car stereo but the selection of blu-rays is so minimal and the cost is so high, for now, a dvd stereo is where you want to be. What's even better is that they are so cheap!

We have done a little searching online and found the Veba AVDIN2817. This is a perfect low price range car stereo with dvd. The DIN is a 7'' LCD display motorised touch screen monitor that is really high quality considering the price. We found this on the dynamicsounds.co.uk website for only £199.99!

On top of the 7" motorised touch screen monitor you will get a bluetooth handsfree set, A2DP Music Streaming, DVD/VCD/CD playback, it will play your MP3/MPEG4/WMA/JPEG files and has an AM/FM RDS Tuner. The stereo has a front mounted auxiliary input, USB input, 4.1ch RCA audio output and a rear view camera input.

Car stereos aren't just stereos these days, they are full on media centres. A car stereo dvd player like the Veba AVDIN2817 is the perfect example of what these media centres are capable of today. Pick one up for only £199.99 from Dynamic Sounds while stocks last. This is an upgrade that you simple must have!

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