Car Stereo Double Din Units

Car stereo double DIN systems are characterised by the fact that they are twice the height of standard car stereo head units. Many cars are limited to single DIN, standard stereo systems and will not allow for the installation of a car stereo double DIN unit. However, higher end cars tend to provide for this possibility.

Since a car stereo double DIN is twice the size of other systems, it can provide a great deal of extra functionality. Double DIN units tend to have small screens for playing television and DVD movies along with all of the features that you would find on a standard system. If you are looking for a fully-featured in-car entertainment system, then you will likely be looking for a double DIN system.

Car stereo double DIN units are much more expensive than standard ones, but installing them is much the same. If you are spending so much money, however, you may want to consider upgrading the speaker system in your car as well. Many cars which allow you to install a car stereo double DIN head unit already have good speaker systems as standard, however. Remember that replacing the speakers is a major job requiring a lot of dismantling of various parts of the interior to install all of the new cabling and speakers.

You can find a wide array of features on even the cheapest double DIN units, such as DVD, TV, USB and MP3 support amongst all of those things that you would expect of any standard car stereo system.

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