Popular Car Stereo Accessories

In-car entertainment systems have become much more sophisticated in recent years. Now it is common to see new cars with DVD-players and much more. CD players are standard on even the most basic of newer cars, since cassette players have long since been rendered obsolete. Whether you are buying a new car or upgrading an existing one with car stereo accessories, here are some things to consider.

Any car stereo system has a head unit and speaker system. The head unit gives you the functionality while the speakers give you the quality, but certain accessories can improve the whole system. One of the most common car stereo accessories is a CD changer, allowing you to store multiple CDs in a drive. This can be useful, since it is typically far more convenient than manually swapping over a new CD every time you want to listen to one.

Far more efficient is an MP3 player, however. MP3 players can hold all thus music you want on them, making them much more efficient than a CD, no matter how many CDs a CD changer can support. If your car stereo system does not support MP3, however, you do not necessarily need to replace it.

One of the best car stereo accessories you can get if you are on a budget is an MP3 player which tunes into your in-car radio. This allows you to play back the music being played by your MP3 player on your car radio. Best of all, it works with any car which has an FM radio or basically any car manufactured in the last few decades! It is a much simpler way of adding MP3 functionality to your car than replacing the system.

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