The best car entertainment systems

Car entertainment systems come in all shapes and sizes these days but there is only one that you need to consider. The Oxygen Audio O Car is the perfect modern car stereo. Thanks to some clever iPhone integration you can do everything from watch moves to use sat nav.

This is the worlds first and only car stereo built specifically for the iPhone. The face place houses both the iPhone 3gs and the iPhone 4 snugly and securely. The faceplate also rotates so you can use the iPhone in portrait or landscape positions.

How does your iPhone turn into a radio? All you have to do is download the The Oxygen Audio O Car apps from the app store and you are good to go. One of the apps will do all the radio station tuners and functionality, the other gives you all of the eq options.

So now you have radio and your entire mp3 library selectable from your radio's faceplate. On top of this you can now use your favourite video stream programs and watch movies or shows all from your faceplate. Of course you can use all of your favourite applications and it will work with the speakers.

Last but not least the stereo comes with a bluetooth mic so you take bluetooth calls at any point just accepting the call as normal on your iPhone.

This really is the very best of all the car entertainment systems on the market. A lot of people will soon make knock-off versions of this but for the original hit up the amazon.co.uk or eBay.co.uk websites and pick one up for only £200!

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