An Introduction to Car DVD Systems

Car DVD systems and other in-car entertainment systems are often overlooked when it comes to buying a new car. Most buyers are more interested in the more practical and important things such as fuel efficiency. However, since you are probably likely to spend a great deal of time in your car, you should not overlook the stereo system, especially if you are an audio enthusiast. Car DVD systems are fairly standard these days on many new vehicles while even the most basic cars come with CD players rather than the old, obsolete stereo cassette players.

Car DVD systems are great for adding the possibility of playing movies in the car. This is great for keeping passengers occupied over long road trips. However, car DVD systems are only truly effective if you have an extra screen or two in the back of the car. For safety reasons, the DVD player cannot be used in the front of the car, since it distracts the driver. Higher-end vehicles have extra screens, often placed in the back of the headrests for back-seat viewers to watch.

Also consider the other features of car DVD systems. Car DVD systems are typically the most full-featured in-car entertainment systems available. They provide support for CDs and often for MP3 as well. Newer systems may provide a USB port for adding MP3 functionality and playing music and even videos directly from a USB pen-drive.

You should also think about the quality of the speaker systems. Decent speaker systems are usually only found in high-end cars, but you can upgrade them. Good brands to look out for include Bose and Blaupunkt, often found as standard in more expensive modern cars.

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