Car CD Stereo Systems

A car CD stereo system comes as standard on most modern cars, although many older second-hand cars still only come with a cassette player and radio which are very dated when compared to today’s modern technology. If you want to upgrade an existing system to add more functionality and quality, there are many great car CD stereo systems and other in-car entertainment systems to go for.

The more basic car CD stereo systems only play CDs and provide FM radio. On the cheapest models things are kept simple. For a little extra money, however, you can add a great deal of extra functionality such as the ability to play MP3 and other digital audio files from a CD or other media such as a USB flash drive. In this day and age, when many people store their music collections in such a way, this is definitely preferable in many cases.

When considering which car CD stereo to go for, you should also think about your budget as well as various other requirements. How long do you plan to keep your car for? How much do you use your car? If you are going to spend the money on a high-end car CD stereo system, then you will probably want to purchase a decent speaker system and subwoofer to go with it. This is a big job and a major expense, but combining an expensive head unit with the poor quality speaker systems found in many cars seems like a bit of a waste of time.

The most expensive and highest-end in-car entertainment systems tend to be the larger double DIN (double-sized) systems, providing DVD and TV functionality as well.

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