Car audio FAQs

The right car audio can increase the value of your car and make your journeys much more enjoyable. We answer some frequently asked questions about car stereos and audio set ups.

Is my phone compatible with my car stereo?

Many modern car stereos can connect with your mobile phone using Bluetooth technology. Most stereos will come with a Bluetooth compatibility list.

I purchased my car stereo overseas and can't pick up UK radio stations. How can I fix this?

This is a common problem if you purchased your stereo in the US. US radio frequencies are different to European ones. You can usually improve reception by resetting your stereo, then auto searching for stations.

My car stereo loses the memory when I switch the ignition off. What should I do?

This problem may occur when there is a compatibility miss-match between the car and the car stereo. This can be easily rectified by switching the wires so that they are connected in reverse. Your local garage should be able to do this for less than £30.

My car audio has stopped working but is under warranty. What should I do?

The first step is to check the manufacturer's handbook. Every company has a different method for handling audio repairs. You'll usually have to contact the manufacturer, who will send a courier to collect the stereo for repairs. Alternatively, you may be directed to an approved repair centre.

How much power does a factory car stereo produce?

This varies widely from model to model. You should find the relevant information on the manufacturer's website.


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