Cant wait till the end of 2007 for an iPhone

Unable to resist a quick mention following the surge of excitement and scrabble to froth over Apple's newest "leapfrog" product for 2007, WebTwitcher has to give a customary mention to the new iPhone.

Only problem is, it looks like it won't be out in the UK until the end of the year.

What's gonna be in it? Apart from being one of the slimmest smart mobile handsets (at just 11.6mm), it will manage to squash in a two mega-pixel camera and run with the Safari internet browser with access to services like Google Maps. Google's search bar will also feature in the iPhone browser.

While you're waiting the agonising months between now and iPhone Day, swot up on things you'll be able to do with it at TechDigest, which gives some great user tips.

Add their RSS feed to your MIX page if you want up to date gadget information from one of the best UK gadget blogs around.

Apparently over 200 patents were filed for the product. Sounds like Steve Jobs has a dream gadget waiting in the wings...

Is it too early to put it on my Christmas 2007 list?


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