Can't afford an iPhone 4? You might get one anyway

Oh dear. While Apple's new iPhone has attracted the usual barrage of praise and lust, the launch process hasn't been the usual slick Apple affair. First there was that network glitch during the launch presentation. Then, on the first day of pre-orders in the US, Apple's and its partner AT&T's sites went down under the pressure of traffic.

Now, though, a problem is emerging that's much more serious - and, for a lucky few, potentially kinda amazing. It seems that the ordering system has also been getting user's accounts mixed up. That means users seeing other users' addresses and credit card information (very bad), and orders potentially getting sent to completely the wrong people (very very bad - unless you're the one with a brand new, free iPhone!).

Coming hot on the heels of that iPad privacy problem, which saw thousands of users' email addresses leaked, this is another blow to Apple. Fortunately this, like the iPad problem, seems to only affect users in the US.

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