Types of Canon printer ink cartridges

Canon CL-511 Bubblejet Colour Jet Ink Cartridge

An example of one of the easy to install Canon printer ink colour cartridges. The Canon CL-511 cartridge can print up to 244 pages. It's available for £13.49 from Play.com and £13.22 from Amazon.co.uk.

Canon CLI 521 Multipack Ink Tank - Yellow, Cyan, Magenta

The Canon CLI 521 Multipack Ink Tank is compatible with many canon printers, and is made up of three individual tanks - cyan, magenta and yellow. Each tank has a capacity of 9 millilitres. This multipack is available for £24.99 from Play.com. Amazon.co.uk offer 10 cartridges of the CLI521 cartridge for £18.50, that are made up of 2 multipacks of 5 cartridges.

Canon CLI 526 Multipack Ink Tank - Yellow, Cyan, Magenta

The Canon CLI526 Multipack Ink Tank has the capacity to print up to 500 pages. This Canon printer ink cartridge consists of three separate tanks that are yellow, cyan, and magenta respectively. It is a standard capacity ink cartridge, and its boxed weight is 499 grams. The cartridge is priced at £21.41 by Play.com and £21.89 by Amazon.co.uk.

Canon No 8 Cyan Ink Cartridge (Chromalife 100 Ink, CLI-8C) One of three individual colour cartridges available for Canon printers. This can print around 420 pages. £9.68 from Amazon.co.uk; £9.99 from Play.com.

Canon CLI-8M - Chromalife 100 - Magenta Ink Cartridge This individual magenta cartridge is £10.49 from Amazon.co.uk and £9.89 from Play.com.

Canon No 8 Yellow Ink Cartridge (Chromalife 100 Inks, CLI-8Y) This third of the individual colour cartridges is £8.96 from Amazon.co.uk and £9.89 from Play.com.

All three individual colour cartridges are available for £29.13 from Amazon.co.uk. Play.com offers a set Of 5 PGI-5 & CLI-8 ink cartridges - two black, one cyan, one magenta, one yellow for £10.99. These are compatible for Canon Pixma IP, MP, and MX.Canon Black Ink Cartridge (PGI-5BK)

The PGI-5BK Canon printer ink cartridge prints around 360 pages at a coverage of 5%. £11.49 from Amazon.co.uk; £10.99 from Play.com.

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