Get Trigger Happy with Canon Powershot Digital Cameras

Whether you are a professional photographer or someone who likes to capture their memories at the simple touch of button the range of Canon Powershot digital cameras should have something ideal for you.

Some might argue that phone cameras are easier to use as you always have it on you. This may be true in some cases but phone cameras are still not nearly as effective as more specialist cameras.

The prices may influence your purchase choice as the range is from just over £40 to frighteningly over £2000. Purchasing one at a lower price doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be bottom of the range. The Powershot A2100 IS costs around £225 is 12Mp and comes with all the features you are likely to use on a non professional level.

Digital cameras are used for so much more than just snapping quick photographs. Some in the Canon Powershot digital cameras range have excellent filming capabilities. The Canon Powershot G12 at around £379 has HD filming and a rotatable LCD viewing screen which is also useful in taking fidgety self portrait shots.

Some models like the Canon Powershot SX210 fit easily in your pocket to use at parties and get images of all your friends in awkward situations or you can purchase a model with a more telescopic lens to get the perfect snap of a landscape scene. The SX210 can be purchased through www.jessops.com for about £150 at a saving of £60. It also has HD filming functionality, and scene and face recognition. It also costs considerable less than the G12. The resolution however will be noticeably different.

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