Canon MG6150 Ink gets the job done

Canon mg6150 ink is manufactured for use with the printer of the same name. The printer in question is capable of printing in 9600 dpi resolution, as well as frames from HD video, which means that this ink is made to be used in high quality print situations. This ink type, which is unique to Canon, cannot be used for any other type of printer.

This ink cartridge is available in the standard colours, which are black, cyan, magenta and yellow. There is also a large black ink cartridge version. There is also a grey ink cartridge housed separately in the printer, a design that makes for more vivid greyscale prints, as well as colour prints that are rich and vibrant, thanks to better tonal gradation. The separate grey also helps you to achieve neutral monochrome prints. One of the major points emphasised by Canon in promotion is that the prints made with the mg6150 ink tend to last for a long time. The page yield for Canon mg6150 inks is about 500, which is fairly high for a personal computer setup. That being said, many of Canon’s personal printer ink cartridges have page yields over 500.

Because there are different ink cartridges used for different colours, you only have to replace the ink cartridge that has run out. Besides the store, there are several websites that sell Canon mg6150 ink, many of which offer free shipping to the UK. Canon inks tend to be in the lower range of prices.

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