Features of Canon EOS digital cameras

The Canon EOS digital cameras were originally introduced in 1987 and are renowned for their quality among photo enthusiasts with a wide variety of cameras that cater to everything from the entry-level to the professional markets. The acronym EOS which stands for Electro-Optical system was inspired by Eos, the Greek goddess of dawn. The EOS digital cameras are single-lens reflex and have made Canon the world leader among DSLR camera manufacturers.

Over the years, Canon has introduced many innovations to the EOS range that has enabled it to remain at the forefront of digital photography. Among them is the new bayonet-style EF lens mount which effectively separated the moving parts of the lens and camera body. This large lens mount enabled the use of larger aperture lenses. The EOS flash system also underwent many developments, resulting in the E-TTL (Evaluative -Through The Lens) system which uses a pre-flash for more accurate metering and the autofocus system to judge where the main subject is.

Other innovations found in the Canon EOS range include eye-controlled focusing and quick control dial in the professional level cameras which allow the user to access often-used functions by just using the thumb and without taking the eye of the viewfinder. Another EOS features is the multi-point autofocus system with the top-line camera having up to 45 autofocus points. This greatly increases the sharpness of shots particularly involving fast-moving objects and also means that the subject is bound to be among the focus points of the shot.

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