Find the best price for the Canon EOS 60D in Ireland

Canon have long been known for their great camera products, and they've continued that here with the excellent Canon EOS 60D, a stunning exercise in delivering top quality technology at an affordable price that will appeal to casual, amateur and semi professional photographers alike.

The camera has a wide range of features including an 18 MP APS-C CMOS sensor which allows you to take images that will suit large scale print sizes, such as posters or portraits. Rather than relying on you increasing the image size with software, and therefore reducing the image quality, the 60D does it all for you in stunning 18 mega pixel glory. Not only does it work brilliantly in optimum light conditions either, it also does a great job in low light, taking photos with far less noise than you would find in most others.

You can frame up your masterpieces in great detail thanks to the three-inch vari-angle LCD Clear View display which displays the everything on screen in an impressively clear 1,040,000 individual dots for the most accurate advance representation of what your picture will look like.

On top of being a top notch 18 MP digital camera, the Canon EOS 60D also offers full HD recording of video. You can shoot in either 1080p at 24 FPS or 720p at 50 or 60 FPS for fast paced action, meaning that all the bases are covered for your video needs.

If this sounds up your street, we've hunted down the best Canon EOS 60D price in Ireland, so you won't need to bankrupt yourself in the quest for high quality photographs.

While Expansys.ie came a close second, offering the camera for an impressive €1009.00 excluding shipping, it was Bermingham Cameras at www.berminghamcameras.ie who came top of the pile thanks to their €999 price tag!

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