Need to find Canon printer drivers online?

If you have somehow managed to misplace the driver CD that came with your Canon printer, you needn't worry because the days of a misplaced printer driver meaning that you are unable to use the device any more have long since passed. Thanks to the fact that many companies now issue their drivers through internet as par for the course, it has never been easier to ensure that your computer is up to date.

By taking a look at canon-europe.com, you'll be able to locate all kinds of Canon printer drivers, Canon camera drivers and drivers for literally everything else that Canon make.

The site itself is easy to manage, you simply click on "support" at the top of the home page, followed by "driver support" on the left hand side of the new page that opens. That will bring you directly to the driver download section.

The Canon download centre is particularly easy to use. All you need to do is select the country you live in (or the country you bought the device in if you bought it abroad), the kind of product that you are looking to download drivers from (you'll be able to select from camcorders, printers, cameras, scanners, multifunctionals and personal copiers) and finally the model that you would like to download the drivers for.

Once that is done, simply hit the go button and you'll be brought to the download page where you'll be able to choose from software (drivers and applications), manuals and firmware (we recommend this is only used by advanced users!).

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