The Growing Popularity of Canon Digital Cameras in the UK

Market-leading Canon digital cameras in the UK are hot property. When out shopping for a new digital camera, Canon is a brand you’ll stop and consider again and again, with good reason.


In surveys conducted by consumer watchdogs, such as Which?, Canon digital cameras come out in the top consistently in their ‘Rigorous Testing’ awards. In 2009, Canon was awarded with their very flattering ‘Best Audiovisual Brand’ title, and in the two years since, they have never looked back.

Compact Variety

With a huge range of compact cameras, there’s easily something for everyone. Particularly noteworthy is the Canon Digital Ixus 130 IS. This is one of the slimmest models on the market, measuring just 1.8 cm thick. The Canon Powershot D10 is also outstanding as a family camera, being waterproof and perfect for those seaside shots.

Hi Tech

Professionals looking for digital SLR Cameras with a difference can find everything they’re seeking in the Canon brand. In reviews, Canon DSLR cameras constantly perform at an excellent standard. Furthermore, the past two years has seen Canon raising its specs to dizzying heights for its top-end models, with new features and revolutionary technology. Add to this, the vast array of accessories, carefully developed with the aim of helping you achieve photo perfection and you’ve got a very convincing argument to buy a Canon.

With dependability, choice and the latest technology on offer, what more could you want? With their constant energetic introductions of new products and existing product upgrades, it’s certain that the demand of Canon digital cameras in the UK will continue to increase.

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