Canon Range of All in One Printers

Canon all in one printers, known by the company as multi functionals, are available at the cheaper inkjet printer or the more expensive, but higher quality, laser printer. Canon's range of all in one printers include products for domestic, personal use as well as Canon office products, all of which can be viewed on Canon's website at Canon.co.uk in the multi functional printers section.


Canon's official website also allows you to compare their products. This matrix allows you to compare either two or three separate multi functional printers at a time, calling up each all in one printer's specification so you can quickly compare and contrast each product. However, as Canon does not sell their printer products directly from their website, you cannot compare the prices of the all in one printers using their official website.

Canon Price Comparisons

If you are looking to buy Canon all in one printers, you can use Internet price comparison websites to find the cheapest deals on your chosen Canon printer. Visit website such as Pricerunner.co.uk, Dooyoo.co.uk and Comparestoreprices.co.uk to find the ideal offer on a Canon all in one printer.

Canon All in One Printers on the High Street

You can also buy Canon multi functional printers on the UK high street. Canon's products are supplied by all major electronics and stationery stores, including Currys, Dixons, Comet and PC World. Visit each of these stores to compare the cost of Canon all in one printers before making your purchase, as this allows you to find the cheapest possible deal and take away your printer on the day.

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