Take Great Photos with the Canon 650d

If you are new to the world of photography or have been meaning to upgrade from your old point-and-shoot to a SLR for a while now, then we have a treat for you. We review the Canon 650d and can tell you all that this great piece of equipment from Canon has to offer.

Pack a Punch in your Pictures

The Canon 650d is the next in the Rebel series after the 600d and it gives you all of the features you would readily expect of a Rebel camera. It is an ideal first SLR camera to purchase if you want to ensure you get great quality images while learning the ropes of manual photography.

First, a rundown of the specs as they compare to the 600d. Both models boast 18 megapixels, a 9 point AF sensor and a APS-C CMOS sensor. The 650d, however, ups the ante and offers a boosted ISO range of 25,600 which is actually double that of the 600d. The newer model also adds to the standard auto and manual focus by incorporating useful Auto Focus fine tuning.

There is also an increased continuous shooting speed of 5fps versus the 3.7 fps that the 600d had. Video mode on the 650d now offers the option to shoot in not only the 1920x1080 resolution as per the 600d, but also now in 1280x720 720p and 640x480 VGA. Add to this stereo sound recording and you will begin to see that the 650d packs a lot more punch that its predecessor.

The 650d also has the distinction of becoming the first SLR in Canon's range to include a touchscreen display. This really adds to the lure of this already powerful camera.

A Must for Budding Photographers

As entry-level SLR cameras go, you really cannot do much better than the Canon 650d. It captures some amazing images and also offers you the option of shooting video for those once in a lifetime moments you just have to capture. If you need to upgrade your camera then the 650d is the way to go.

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