We review the Cannon EOS 60D camera

It was always going to be a big ask for Canon to follow up the excellent EOS 50D, but few people would have expected a wait of more than two years to see its successor. But Canon have never been known to rush things, and on this showing it certainly appears that they have been more than justified in taking their time to make sure that the latest arrival to the EOS family continued its tradition of quality at an affordable price.

Pitched more at semi professional photographers than outright amateurs, the EOS 50D contained enough bells and whistles to keep experienced snappers busy for hours on end. Canon have decided to change that approach somewhat here, removing some of the more professional oriented features in order to make it slightly more accessible to consumers looking for a top quality digital SLR camera without the confusion and complications that can accompany the ones found at the top end.

The Cannon EOS 60D camera bumps up its maximum resolution to a stunning 18 megapixels, which can be shot at up to 5.3 frames per second for action pictures. This might disappoint owners of the 50D, which boasted speeds of up to 6.3 frames per second, but regular consumers won't notice much of a difference.

There is a huge improvement on hand to ease concerns in the shape of the 3 inch vari-angle LCD screen. Its 1.04 million pixel display outputs an absolutely gorgeous picture, making it an ideal alternative to the regular viewfinder.

For those interested in video, the 60D records up as high as 1920 x 1080p video in jaw dropping quality at frame rates of 30, 25 and 24 frames per second, so covers all the bases for video lovers worldwide.

Measuring 145 x 106 x 79 mm, it's certainly smaller than a lot of its direct competitors, and it weighs just 779g with batteries - not altogether uncomfortable for carrying around your neck.

Whether or not there's enough here to convince anyone to upgrade from the 50D is up for debate, but if you're looking for a top quality camera, and are willing to spend a little extra, then we recommend you give it a spin.

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