Candy Crush Saga Cheats and tips

Candy Crush can be so addictive yet so frustrating at times. It can be hard having to wait days just so you can move on to the next level for more lives. Here are a few Candy Crush Saga Cheats to get you moving through the levels more quickly and easily.

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The Cheat List

There are always Candy Crush Saga cheats that can be found. Here are a few hints to help you through this game.

Know how to get your special candies.

4 in a row will get you a striped candy which will clear the line either horizontally or vertically when played. 5 in a row in an L or T shape will give you a wrapped candy which acts as a mini bomb. It clears a 4x4 area of candies. 5 in a straight row produces a magical sprinkle. This clears the color of any normal candy it is combined with.

All of these though are best used in combination with one another. For example, when a sprinkle is combined with a red striped candy, all of the regular red jellys become striped!

Know your obstacles.

There are many obstacles that appear as the levels increase such as bombs, licorice, meringue, conveyor belts and much more. It is important to know how they will affect the board.

Know the objective of the level.

One tip is to try and clear the blocks in the corners as they are usually the hardest to clear. Depending on the level, it it can be good to make as many special candies as possible. As the levels become more difficult, try and not waste too many moves on clearing just 3 jellies at a time. When the objective is to only clear jellies though, focus on that rather than making special bombs.

This is a very helpful website that can guide you through every level. They have a summary on all the special candies, clips to show how to finish the level, and a blog to follow if you are interested.


Helpful Hints

This is a very addictive game and at times can be frustrating, but remember that the struggle through the levels is part of the fun of the game. Hopefully though these websites will provide you with Candy Crush Saga cheats that keep your game moving along when the game becomes more frustrating than fun.

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