Cancel that trip to Budapest

Hungary! Well it is nearly lunchtime. Arf! [You're fired - Ed.]

But seriously. The Eastern European nation is home to Budapest, one of Europe's loveliest capitals.

'So what?' We hear you cry. 'I'm reading digi, not tech. I use all my holidays staying in with the curtains closed, playing Gears of War.'

Well worry not, dear reader. Thanks to the latest technological advance, you need never leave your chair to experience the beauty of Budapest. Some nice Hungarians have made you a 70-gigapixel scrollable panorama photo of it instead.

No, that's not a mistake, we do mean 'gigapixel.' That's 70 thousand megapixels, to be precise, making this the world's biggest photo. The effect was achieved by the team strapping together two high-resolution cameras, mounting them on a special rotating base, and then getting a very, very powerful computer to stitch the results together.

Of course, this is cheating really. But the days of the camera that can take a single 70-gigapixel picture in one go are probably a few years off yet.

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