Can Google Trends help to predict the US election result?

Can Google Trends predict who will win the US presidential election? Yes according to an article on Tech Crunch. It seems that it may be possible to gain an insight into the voting trends by analyzing the popularity of the presidential candidates on Google.

By comparing the data of the amount of people who searched for Obama and McCain on Google in the last year analysts found that if the election was held today Obama would come out on top by a small margin. While this may seem a simplistic idea recent polls by CNN and Gallup confirm the data available via Google Trends: Obama is ahead of McCain by 47 to 43 percent.

Tech Crunch's article also highlights how Google was used to help predict the outcome of the Democratic primaries state by state. Data from Google Trends enabled independent analysts to predict correctly 27 out of the 32 primary elections scrutinized. While it's clear that not all voters use the internet and that some states have less internet coverage it wouldn't be too surprising if team McCain and team Obama are heading over to check out their stats on Google Trends in the coming months.

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