Cameron: 2007's hardest-working MP online

No doubt emboldened by the fact that his Facebook presence has launched a thousand groups discussing how much they love and hate him in equal measures, David Cameron has launched another IT offensive – the Webcameron.

With a selection of RSS feeds, we can now follow the Tory leader as he drives around his constituency or beavers away at his desk, or marvel at his packed schedule visiting the north-east. He went to Washington too, you know.

Cameron even shares his musings on Tory policy in his blog, which he prefers to call a "diary" – a sign, perhaps, that even he realises that there is a limit to how "yoof" a party leader should be. There's also the obligatory discussion forum, where we can share our thoughts with David on going green, family, work and money. He implores us to "keep our questions and comments coming!"

How's that for a Big Conversation?

Is there no web channel the man will not exploit? Stay tuned for the Cameron Christmas medley on YouTube next....

(Image: from Jacob Botter’s flickr stream)

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