Fun with Cameroid

If you have ever looked at some of the more creative Photoshop work that regularly does the rounds online with more than a touch of jealousy in your eyes, you'll be happy to know that there's a website out there that enables complete beginners to take fun snaps with their webcam and do all kinds of fun things with them. That site is Cameroid.

In order to make the most out of Cameroid, you're going to need two things. The first, which we assume you already have, is a web enabled computer. The second is a webcam. If you have a desktop computer, but aren't sure if you have a webcam or not, the chances are that you don't. However those of you with a laptop or netbook that has been bought in the past five years are almost certain to have one built into your device.

If you don't have one, but would still like to try out Cameroid, then you'll be able to pick one up for next to nothing at your local computer store these days. We recommend you go for a small, lightweight USB solution to ensure portability and less space requirements than larger options available.

Once you've got the basics sorted out, it's time to visit Cameroid to see just what it can do for you. The site works by first initialising a 1MB Flash applet which allows the site to utilise your webcam. By clicking on 'Allow' when the dialogue box pops up, you'll be sending a signal to your webcam to tell it that it's ready to use. From there it's time for the fun to begin!

The beauty of Cameroid is the fact that you need absolutely no technical knowledge in order to create a wide range of wacky and fun images of you and your friends. You could be boring and opt for the 'Clear' setting, which takes a plain old photograph of you, but we recommend you experiment with the various filters and scenes on offer. Within minutes you'll be seeing double, find yourself in timeless works of art or even see yourself in Etch-A-Sketch form!

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