Cameras: Digital cameras are the way forward

The market offers an impressive variety of cameras that are digital. From the cheapest cameras to the most expensive ones; from the amateur cameras to the professional ones, all of them have features that you only can see on digital equipment. Theyr are definitely more compact and lightweight devices that feature reflex systems, wider zooms for specific activities.

Digital Compact Cameras

Digital compact cameras offer high definition, video capture, stabilization systems and even 3D images. These are a great pick for those people who don't want to mess with large and cumbersome equipment. Cameras that are digital this size can be kept in the handbag, or pocket for easy reach.

Fujifilm Real 3D W3. This small and light camera is capable of taking HD images and incredible 3D movies. Through a HDMI 1.4 cable you can connect your camera to a 3D TV and enjoy your own three-dimension creations. Double sensors of 10 megapixels and double 3X zoom lenses allow you to produce those realistic effects.

Single-Lens Reflex Cameras

Digital SRL (single-lens reflex) cameras produce excellent professional results. The traditional reflex mechanism used by photographers is here adapted to the modern digital system.

Olympus E-5 Body. E-5 Body camera offers the best image quality in the Olympus family. A swivel LCD screen lets you select angles up to 270 degrees to take images in unique points of view. The quality of the 12.3 megapixels resolution is increased through an incorporated image stabilization system and 9 filters. A Dramatic Tone Art filter is able to get incredible effects. High definition video with a wide variety of lenses (from a fisheye to a super telephoto lens) together with the stereo sound, completes the features of this outstanding camera.

Digital Superzoom Cameras

Digital superzoom cameras allow you to take pictures from long distances, which preserve natural behavior of people and can cover wide landscapes with high definition and particularly detailed results.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100. FZ100 is a high definition digital camera for still images and video capture. It includes a 24x impressive zoom which can be extended to 50.6x through its Extra Optical Zoom function. The zoom works for pictures and HD video. Automatic internal features like ISO control, face detection, face recognition and specially the Happy Mode, which enhances colour saturation, and transforms this camera into a very valuable device.

Special Cameras

Some electronics brands have developed cameras designed for particular activities, like science and sports. Here you will find an example of such developments.

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