We check out the best camera shops in South Shields

The arrival of the digital camera and its subsequent rise in popularity has meant that the world of photography has been opened up to a wide range of people who would previously have been priced out of it as a past time. In the past even if you bought a relatively inexpensive camera, you still needed to pay for the film to use in it, plus the cost of developing each roll, even there was only a handful of pictures on it that you actually wanted. This tended to add up and make it a particularly expensive interest for anyone to have.

And if you decided that you might like to take your interest a little further an invest in a semi professional or professional quality camera, the expenses suddenly sky rocketed.

Fortunately things have improved quite a bit in recent times, and inexpensive digital cameras can now be bought for under £100 that offer you a wide range of features unimaginable from even the most expensive film based cameras of ten or twenty years ago.

Of course, deciding which camera is right for you with so much choice on offer can be a particularly daunting task, which is precisely why we recommend that you pop into some of the camera shops in South Shields and the surrounding areas for all the advice and guidance you could possibly need.

You can choose from Jessops, based at 57A Fawcett Street, Sunderland, who have years of experience in dealing with all camera related queries, or The Carphone Warehouse, located at 7 Denmark Centre, South Shields, who are relative newcomers to the camera world, but boast an excellent group of knowledgeable staff who can give you some excellent advice and guidance.

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