Looking for camera shops in Enniskillen?

There aren't a lot of options when it comes to finding camera shops in Enniskillen, but we've rounded up your main shopping destinations.

Currys, located at 3 Railway Junction Retail Park, Hollyhill Link Road, Enniskillen, stock a decent range of digital cameras. Although they're not a specialist camera shop, their staff tend to be quite knowledgeable about photographic equipment. You can also buy basic camera accessories. Telephone 0844 561 6263.

Mc Elwaine Retail are Fermanagh's leading electrical and musical store. They have a small range of cameras and camcorders available, including the excellent Panasonic G2 digital camera for a very reasonable £530. They are located at 3 Church Street, Enniskillen. Telephone 028 6632 5134.

Today, many people rely on their mobile phones to capture images. Lots of modern smartphones boast well specced cameras with decent levels of megapixels. If this is something you would consider as an alternative to a camera, visit the Carphone Warehouse, located in Erneside Shopping Centre, The Point, Enniskillen. Telephone 0870 142 1523.

Koadak Express, in Erneside Shopping Centre, The Point, Enniskillen, specialise in photographic processing - but their stores occasionally stock digital cameras. Give them a call on 028 6632 0810 to ask about their current stock.

Can't find what you're looking for in Enniskillen? Here is a brief list of the nearest camera shops in Northern Ireland:

  • Jessops, Unit 6, Level 4, Foyleside Shopping Centre, Orchard Street, L'Derry
  • Ronnie Hynds Photography, 6a Woodhouse Street, Portadown
  • Diamond Electronics, 18 Railway Road, Coleraine
  • Craigavon Photographic Services, Unit 13 Annesborough Industrial Estate, Annesborough Road, Lurgan

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