Looking For a New Camera? We've got some tips right here!

It's tough enough buying a new piece of equipment without facing a barrage of jargon and tech specs that make absolutely no sense to you. We understand your pain, especially when it comes to buying a new camera. Digital cameras in particular seem to have reams of acronyms attached to them, but fear not because we've compiled this handy glossary of terms to make things a little easier for you!

Aperture - This is the term for the lens opening that allows light to enter the camera. The more light that is allowed in, the better the camera will function in low light conditions. Aperture is measured in F-Stops, with lower numbers signifying more light allowed in.

Digital Zoom - It's digital so it must be better right? Wrong. Digital Zoom is not really a feature you want on your camera. Its more useful cousin, Optical Zoom is the one you should be looking out for.

Fixed Lens - This is the term used for a lens that offers no zoom. In some cases it might be what you're looking for, but it's not very versatile for multi-use purposes.

Megapixel - A mega-pixel is made up of one million pixels. The MP rating of a digital camera is generally the most visible thing on the packaging (aside from make and model), and a good rule of thumb is to go as high as you can afford.

Memory Card - What good is a camera without pictures right? The memory card is the film of the digital world, storing your images to make them ready for sharing, editing or printing.

RAW - This is a file type that represents the pure, unprocessed data that makes up the image taken by the camera. This is only really useful to those at intermediate level and above, if you don't know what it means the chances are you don't need to know.


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