Call yourself a Nintendo fan?

How much do you love Nintendo, really? Got a Mario figure in your room? Every plumber-y adventure, even the rubbish ones? Got a Link costume hanging in your cupboard, complete with elfin hat, for fancy dress parties? Pah. You're not even half a fan, compared with Isiah-Triforce Johnson.

You might think that that should be Isiah 'Triforce' Johnson. But you'd be wrong, because the world's biggest Nintendo fan's Zelda-y moniker isn't just a nickname. He had it legally added to his first name. 'Hey, nice to meet you. I'm Isiah-Triforce,' he says when he meets you. Presumably.

Mr. Johnson made headlines in 2006 when he waited out in the freezing cold in New York for a week to be the first to buy the Nintendo Wii. (Well, the first apart from the pesky Japanese.) And now he's done it again - waiting out for much of last week in order to become the first person to get a 3DS. It was personally handed to him by Nintendo America president and all-round mascot-person Reggie Fils-Aime. And on the hand into which Reggie pressed the pre-ordered console, Johnson was wearing a Power Glove. An actual, non-reproduction, 1980s-era, vintage Power Glove.

This man is a god. 'I’ve already reserved (my 3DS), but that’s not the point,' Johnson reportedly said mid-way through his freezing wait last week. 'Out of a tradition I gotta keep, I gotta stand first in line. Think of it like a war game.'

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