Call your friends!

Do you remember the time when if you wanted to know how your friends were, or to arrange to meet them, you had to call them? And talk to them?

The days before text messaging, Twitter, and of course, Facebook?

We do. We reckon that as much as Facebook makes it easier to keep up with your friends, it makes you less likely to actually pick up a phone and call them. Well, that may be about to change. Skype, the masters of internet telephony, have just released version 5 of their Windows software. And it has Facebook baked right into it. You can view your news feed and call or text a friend just by clicking a button on their status. You can also view a 'phonebook' of your friends' phone numbers, at least the ones who've put their number on Facebook.

So is this going to kickstart the internet telephone revolution. We're not so sure. You can't phone someone skype-to-skype, or add them to your skype friends, from the phonebook - only from the News Feed. And who wants to read their News Feed in Skype, really?

Hopefully the companies will work together on a system for voice calling - or even video calling - through the Facebook website. Now that would really be something. For now, Skype 5.0 is nice, but we don't think it's revolutionary.

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