Byte-size Jackassery

Could this be the future of movies? Jackass 3D was a hit in cinemas, proving the appeal grown men getting naked and hurting themselves hasn't waned in the years since the TV show began. But what next? Well, it turns out the crew 'shot two movies' worth of footage' for 3D, and were thinking about what to do with the leftovers. But they've decided not to release it in the cinema, or even on TV, at least not at first.

Naw, Jackass 3.5, as they're calling it, will be released online, in ten-minute weekly segments. Your ten-minute sick-humour break! Then, once it's all been released - the crew have reportedly shot some extra scenes in Europe especially for this, so it's not all leftovers - it'll be bundled together and released, still online, as a full film.

Might this be the future? We can't help but feel people would have been happier about James Cameron's 8 minutes of extra Avatar footage if he'd put it out online, rather than expecting people to pay $15 to see it again...

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