Bye Bye, XP

Well, it's been years in the making and now, today's the day. After much delay, Microsoft has finally killed its much-loved Windows XP.

To be precise, yesterday was the last day you could buy a new PC with Windows XP pre-loaded - at least, if the manufacturer was following the rules.

Microsoft originally expected to prevent manufacturers from selling new PCs with XP years ago, after Windows Vista was released in 2006. But Windows Vista, well, didn't work out that well, and manufacturers begged them to delay. Then the netbook revolution happened, and suddenly the market was filled with low-power PCs Microsoft knew wouldn't be able to handle the bloated Vista.

So, the big M delayed some more - but only for netbooks. And they made damn sure that Windows 7 - in its stripped-down Starter version - would run well on even the crappiest netbook.

Now, finally, the big M has put the hammer down and said 'enough' - on the anniversary of the release of Windows 7. It makes a bunch of sense - XP is almost ten years old. But we're writing this on XP and we're really rather fond of it, so we're feeling a bit sad.

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