Bye bye Facebook?

No! Is it the beginning of the end for our intrepid interweb hero and cuddly digital friend Facebook? Could cr*p movie quizzes and burning a hole in your pocket sending non existant online gifts soon be a thing of the past?

Facebook has suffered its first fall in users. A whopping 5% since December 2007. Interwebnet analysts are predicting hard times ahead for the online social networking site (oxymoron of the day already chalked down!).

One sage interweb boffin stated that, "this fall is a significant moment in the development of Facebook and potentially marks the high water mark of the site's popularity in the UK."

Wake up and smell the coffee! While it's been nice being tracked down online by that junior stalker from primary school, it has become a wee bit tiresome trying to remember the passwords for your Facebook, Myspace and Bebo accounts. And having your inbox cluttered by new 'friend' requests from scantily clad girls from California called Chase has long lost its appeal.

Also, if it wasn't for Scrabulous most people would have closed their Facebook accounts months ago. It's played by over 600,000 people every day and has quickly become an internetweb classic.

If Facebook are forced to remove the online version of scrabble in the copyright war with Mattel and Hasbro, it could spell even further trouble for the social networking giants and mean that we have to start phoning and sending emails to people again.

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