Bye Bye Blockbuster

YouTube! Great, isn't it? You can watch cats falling down stairs and drugged children and sweets being dropped into soft drinks. Nowadays, you can even watch whole, more-than-five-minute TV shows.

But what if you actually want to watch a film? Unless you've got cable TV with movies on demand, you're still left getting up, going to the video store and renting a DVD. A DVD! What is this, 2002?

Now YouTube is going to fix evening-length entertainment for us, just as it fixed coffee-break-length entertainment. The Financial Times is reporting that Google, owners of YouTube (and almost everything else), are deep in talks with 'Hollywood's leading movie studios' about putting pay-per-view movie streaming rentals onto the site.

In a few months you might be able to watch, say, Harry Potter 7 whenever you want without getting up. Now it's just a case of getting your PC sending video to your TV. Fortunately there are more and more gadgets for doing that, and more soon to come, no doubt.

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