Buying your Doro mobile phone a new charger

Easy to use mobile phones seemed to be a thing of the past, much to the dismay of elderly and vision impaired people around the world. However they are back with a bang in the form of Doro, a new company on the market. We take a look at buying your Doro mobile phone a charger.

Doro mobile phone chargers are pretty tough to find on the high street. While many retailers stock the phones themselves there is an annoying lack of in-car or mains chargers for the user friendly phones.

matobmobile.co.uk has you covered though with a full range of Doro mobile phone accessories including a mains charger for £14.67, in-car charger for £14.67 or even a spare battery for just £29.36. This website also stocks cases and screen protectors for Doro phones.

If however these prices seem a bit steep, you can always visit the old reliable ebay.co.uk which, as usual, knocks the competition out of the ball park with its unbeatable prices.

You can pick up a Doro mobile phone mains charger on eBay for as little as £7.40 or an in-car charger for the grand total of £5.90. There are even desktop chargers for your Doro phone available from £10.87 - but be sure that the desktop charger is suited to your particular Doro phone before you purchase it, as mistakes can be hard to resolve over eBay.

Whatever your Doro charging needs, the internet has you covered where the high street fails.

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