Buying mobile phone accessories in Ireland

Whatever your mobile phone, at some point you are likely to need an accessory for it - be it a charger, a case or even a replacement battery. We have the latest information for anyone looking to find mobile phone accessories in Ireland.

Depending on what you are looking for, there are a couple of ways to go about your mobile phone accessory shopping. While many top retailers are great for cases, chargers and screen protectors, if you are looking for something like a spare battery or dock for your phone you might well be disappointed by what the high street has to offer.

The Carphone Warehouse is the biggest mobile phone retailer in Ireland and they have a vast selection of mobile phone accessories in every store priced from €5 all the way to €100. They stock chargers for all major phone manufacturers including the iPhone, cases for many phones in a variety of designs and even more specific accessories such as speaker docks for certain phones and iPhone charging cases. If you are looking for something in this range then The Carphone warehouse have you covered.

We also recommend checking out your local market. Markets such as the one held in Limerick every Saturday are full of stalls with great selections of mobile phone accessories at the right price.

If you still cannot find what you are looking for it is time to get online to sites such as dealextreme.ie or ebay.ie - each of which have an amazing selection of the harder-to-find accessories such as spare batteries, replacement parts or even wireless charging bays.

If you have exhausted all those options you can always check out the manufacturer's website which should offer the full range of accessories available for your phone.

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